How to transform visitors into Brand Ambassadors

More than 500 million people watch Facebook videos every day. (source)

An increasingly large portion of today’s world exists online, and it follows naturally that companies are seeking new ways to interact with their target audiences. At the same time, people everywhere have flocked to social media to stay in touch and share their highlights. There is great value to be found for those companies that appreciate the potential synergy between catering to their customers’ desires and boosting their online presence. Matter of fact, why not have your customers boost your online presence for you?


Putting aside the anecdotal evidence that your Facebook timeline overflows with short videos as soon as you open the mobile app, this is far from the only platform where video has become the dominant format for content sharing. Cisco projects that by 2019, 80% of all internet traffic will consist of video (source) and more and more businesses are embracing the fact that we live in a ‘video first’ world.

So, why is video so prevalent?

There are many answers to this question, depending on your point of reference. For businesses, video is a cost-efficient tool that has been proven to boost customer-base engagement, for example leading to a staggering 1200% increase in online shares compared to both text and image (source). It also has become an instrumental tool in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

For consumers, video has become the preferred way of digesting information because it’s easy. As a result, it has a profound and increasing impact on buying decisions (source). It is a safe conclusion that video is the way to tell stories in an immersive, engaging and resounding manner.


How to harvest video’s potential and apply it to your business?

Simply creating a video and placing it online is unfortunately not enough. Here are some key thoughts to keep in mind while stepping up your digital marketing game:


  • Keep It Short and Sweet. Video should be all about impact. The first five seconds determine whether someone scrolls past or is intrigued enough to keep on watching.


  • Sound is important, but due to default social media settings often turn it off, your videos should be able to hold their own without.


  • Direct your videos if you can. At TAPEMYDAY, for example, we focus on short but high-impact storylines that are designed to attract and feature angles which cannot be achieved with a mobile phone.


  • Speaking about mobile phones. Account for the fact that more and more people will be viewing video content from their mobile device (source). This means file sizes must be low and choosing the correct format matters.


  • Activate your userbase. People love sharing their exciting moments and if you facilitate exciting content, they will happily become your brand ambassadors.


  • Boost your online presence and watch your users’ appreciation sky-rocket by hosting a ‘best video moment’ contest with small prizes. Keep the buzz going by mixing it up. For instance, focus on live video now and on ‘best zipline pose’ the next week.


  • Know the trends and be adaptable. Is your target audience flocking to Snapchat? Don’t miss the opportunity to join them!

In summary

Video marketing is the most effective promotional tool. Its versatility, cost-efficiency and ease make it the perfect cocktail for boosting your brand. Do not miss out on the opportunity to have your customers become your ambassadors by sharing their amazing moments online and facilitate and reward them to do just that!


Enjoy. Share. Remember.

Luciano is Commercial Manager for TAPEMYDAY and posts a monthly column on the company website about all things related to revenue, marketing and processes.