TAPEMYDAY gone agile

One year of working Agile

In an industry that is constantly subject to new technology, you need to stay on top of your game when it comes to research, development and implementations.

To deliver a world class experience, you need to know what solutions and possibilities you can offer to your clients, and make sure that you deliver!

We find it essential to move along with the new developments and implement these into our systems. It speaks for itself that we only want to integrate developments that work and that really do offer a new dimension to the current product.


Working with tech-minded engineers, it is not hard to come by new possible add-ons for our systems, our main focus is on how to manage the new ideas and pick the right ones. Choosing the right add-on is based on several factors; added value, deployment risks, customer wishes, business strategy and development effort.

Since one year, we’ve been working in line with the Agile methodology. This way of working gives us several big advantages. We are more efficient and flexible with developing new add-ons and implementing customers wishes. Other big advantages are the faster and shorter development times that we now are able to work to. When you ask our engineers, however, they will tell you that they just love the freedom and responsibly they experience.

image credit: offshoresoftware.solutions

The engineers work in a self-managing unit, where they are end-to-end responsible for the building, development, testing and implementation of the system. The goal to deliver is felt by every single team member.


A new aspect for us was the appointment of a dedicated tester. A team member who only tests; he tests new software and systems, but also the already developed systems were tested again. Once everything is tested from beginning till end, he starts questioning every step and design-decision that was made. In the beginning we needed to get used to a team-member with this role, but now we notice that the developers start involving him really early in the development process. This allows them to go in the right direction from the start.

In summary

We learned that switching to the “Agile way of working”, we stay within budget and planning, but also see that our team members broaden their technical knowledge and have more insight into each other’s expertise.


We see the agile way of working as the road to being current, innovative and deliver tested high quality systems. We will keep you informed about our way of agile working and also the experiences that we gain.

Giel is Technical Manager for TAPEMYDAY and posts a monthly column on the company website about all things related to technology, R&D and the management of our development team.