Changing times in the imaging industry.

Changing times in the imaging industry

Photography at attractions started in the form of printed photos with roaming photography. This followed on with the advent of automated single shot and multi shot fixed cameras and at the same time there was a range of companies providing a generation of on-ride video cameras mounted on roller coasters. Those who wish to treasure these memories would end up buying a souvenir photo or DVD or perhaps later a USB.

Remember this?

Today, visitors might be tempted to take their own pictures and videos using their smartphone at attractions. However, for safety reasons handheld cameras are invariably banned due to liability concerns. Likewise, the same experiences using a GoPro although great as a visitor experience, it also faces the concerns of safety.

Attractions are continually looking for innovation that brings safety, better visitor experiences and greater revenue streams. With a generation of tech savvy Millennials, we decided to look at these demands and on top of satisfying these three criteria and in moving with the times of the imaging industry of market demands, our R & D team designed and built a fully automated video system. It operates without the need of staff, contributing a huge saving in operational costs for attractions presenting a unique multi-proposition.

In summary

The result is the creation of a video diary of the visitor’s entire stay in the attraction. Cameras are uniquely positioned to capture the activity of visitors throughout the entire duration of their stay in an attraction, using facial recognition technology. At the end of the visit the system automatically edits, stitches and delivers a souvenir video, combining the best clips from all the activity with panoramic shots and other highlights of the day; logos and possible sponsor messages can be added. The video is downloaded from the attraction’s website and many will use it for sharing through social media. This video then becomes a souvenir of the entire visit, not just a single ride. This same technology is likely to find applications in other tourist markets, where a ready-to-use souvenir video is going to be appealing to many consumers. It will allow consumers to enjoy their stay without having to hold a camera all day, while creating new revenues that didn’t exist before.

CK is global head of Business Development for TAPEMYDAY and posts a monthly column on the company website about all things related to the Attractions Imaging Industry and business development.