Tiring, but so much fun!


Last week, we did a roadshow in our home country, the Netherlands. We felt it was a good time to go out and present our product portfolio to some of our contacts. We visited a large number of venues and were greeted with much enthusiasm and kindness.


Highlights were our meeting with the Efteling management, followed by some choice pancakes in the park, our visit to several venues in Zandvoort (and subsequently, the beach!) and iSlide’s beautiful testroom in the luxury living offices in ‘S Hertogenbosch. It is also always a pleasure to meet with our bright partners over at Big Airbag, Amsterdam, and have interesting conversations about the future.


We certainly have our work cut out for us, which is just how we like it! Our next roadshow in Austria, fall 2016, is already in the planning stages.





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Efteling - video system development
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