Join us as we redefine the Attractions Imaging Industry.

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A streamlined process that gets you real results.

Our expert team covers a breadth of disciplines and knows the industry throughout. Every implementation is our signature and we stand by it. To guarantee delivery, we have developed a methodology that reflects our core values and our confidence.

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Solutions that produce awesome content, yet are easy to operate..

Rather than run complicated operations, we run powerful algorithms. The result is consistency and automation, allowing your staff to focus on human connection and commercial success. We capture in 4K and create content according to the template you help us build.

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Build or Grow your imaging operation? We got you.

You can decide to grow your existing operation, using one of our configure-to-order products. If you need an image capturing solution that is tailored to specific requirements, we are ready to help you build the solution that you envision.

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Capturing The Moment.

Our partners specialize in a range of leisure activities which include leading Cruise Liners, Water Slides, Roller Coasters, Zip Lines, Go-cart Racing, Gravity racing, Ropes climbing & activity courses, Dolphin swimming experiences and Unique Visitor Attractions.

However diverse their brand of entertainment, they all share a refined understanding of what compels their guests; Souvenirs need to be of supreme quality. Videos and photos need to be of a making that is beyond what their smartphone could provide. Purchase and delivery need to be fast and carefree.

Setting Up For Success.

We are convinced that providing your guests with a carefree experience while capturing, reviewing and purchasing their content will lead to better sales and higher overall satisfaction. Below shows how we accomplish just that.

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It all starts with the perfect filming spot: A beautiful monument, an exciting rollercoaster or an impressive landscape. These are just a few examples of the places our TapeMyDay cameras can capture your guests having the time of their life. Any spot imaginable can be captured on camera, you just have to tell us when and where! Triggering our cameras can be done in a variety of ways such as wristband scans, real-time positioning and button presses. Our system works together with your existing infrastructure to capture the best moments at the right time.
As soon as the trigger is sent to our systems, we will start coordinating one or more cameras along the relevant location in order to capture your guest experience from start to finish. This media is then saved to our central server, where it is available for viewing, buying or further processing.
We use a range of templates to define how each video, photo or sound we capture is mixed into each guest’s desired end-product. The possibilities here are endless; logo’s, stock footage, overlays, jingles, text and much more can be added to the end-product in order to beautiful result that sells.
The media that is produced using your own custom template is now moments away from being enjoyed by guests; they just have to pick it up. We offer a variety of media delivery mechanisms, such as integrated kiosks, websites and even FTP or USB file transfer.

The Examples.

The below shows a cross-section of media content that we have delivered.

Start Selling With TapeMyDay.

Contact us to improve your sales and conversion rates by growing your existing operation or building an image capturing solution tailored to your specific needs.

Build your imaging services with TapeMyDay.
For those exploring possibilities to build a visionary, custom made solution which is based on trusted software.
Grow your imaging services with TapeMyDay.
For those that seek a matured video solution that can be swiftly and efficiently implemented to grow an existing operation's profitability.

Things You Need To Know.

Below are some frequently asked questions. If you want more information about one of the questions or is your question not listed below, please feel free to contact us.

I'm interested, what now?

Once you complete the inquiry form, one of our representatives will contact you for an introductory meeting. We will discuss your requirements and schedule a follow up. You will be prompted to provide more information, such as floorplans. An NDA can be established.

I have shared my information, what next?

We create a proposal and set up a review meeting. Depending on whether you have selected a configure-to-order or custom solution, additional input may be requested to optimize delivery.

How does TAPEMYDAY deliver?

Our senior project management takes over once the agreement is made. You will be guided through a structured approach where timelines, scope and acceptance criteria are formulated and followed up securely. Upon completing the installation, we conduct a Site Acceptance Test together.

What happens after the Site Acceptance Test?

Once the solution is implemented according to agreements, a pre-launch configuration and parametrization phase is entered. Over the course of one to three weeks, we ensure that everything operates according to our mutual high standards.

How do you support live operations?

All TAPEMYDAY locations are plugged into a Watchdog system, which is used to monitor every aspect of your video / photo operation. This data also feeds into the centralized Warroom platform, which is monitored by us. We have a SLA model that can be scaled to fit any operation.

What do you mean by Build and Grow?

Over the years, we have come to discern two categories of interest. The first one is with those that seek a matured video solution that can be swiftly and efficiently implemented to grow an existing operation's profitability. The second one is with those looking to build a visionary, custom made solution based on trusted software.



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