Tapemyday office - video system development
Our technical office in Eygelshoven, NL
The next generation in video/photo capture

Operating at the frontline of technology in the digital age. Our solution is the only one of its kind and we are continuously innovating.

Quality and accessibility

Robust, precise and premium-grade solution. We provide a guest journey with immersive experience by keeping our automated system easy to use and exceeding expectations in delivery.

Enhancing guest experience and driving revenues

The best solution for capturing and sharing unforgettable memories. Your brand is amplified by social media sharing and your revenues will be driven by a unique, must-have memory to take home.

How it works

1. Capture

As soon as guests scan their bracelets and walk into what is called the 'Region of Interest', our cameras will begin tracking, tracing and filming them. Our intelligent software knows how to determine highlights based on a set of rules.

2. Smart-Zoom

Due to advanced hardware and software, we are able to simultaneously track and record a large number of people in all conditions and over a long distance. To create compelling footage, our system will zoom in on the Region of Interest.

3. Crop

The Smart-Zoomed frames will be cropped and processed. They are then stitched and sewn together at the central server. This allows for the final product to be readied quickly and smoothly.

4. Edit

All recorded footage of the visitor will be merged with stock material into a template. The final product will be available for preview within minutes of the guest scanning their wristband at the kiosk.

Themepark rides - video system development
Waterslides capture - video system development

Watch the system in action!


  • Snowboarder is tracked from a long distance and smart-zoomed
    in on. This produces a relevant and high quality movie.


  • Waterslide tracking and filming in an artificial light,
    wet and chloride environment.


  • Racecars are tracked as they do high-speed laps at the Zandvoort circuit.
    The system tracks all targets effortlessly.

In this short video, you can see a demo setup we used for the IAAPA 2016. You can see the Robot (Robot Costumes USA) being tracked & traced after scanning a QR tag. The camera centers on its target effortlessly as others pass the field. On the monitor, the tracking grid is shown live, detailing how the system learns which shapes to follow.


Director’s Cut

  • The ideal solution for Ziplines, Trampoline Parks, Soft-play centers, etc.
  • Cameras will be strategically positioned in order to capture the best moments.
  • Modular setup – Easy to implement, expand and operate.
  • The result will be an action-packed Director’s Cut production!

Full Experience

  • The ideal solution for theme parks, water parks and adventure parks.
  • Onride and offride tracking & tracing for the entire visitor’s stay.
  • The most exciting moments are recorded and edited into a storyline film.
  • The result will be an action movie starring your guest!


Guests are provided with a bracelet with RFID or barcode identification, which they scan at each attraction. Various available formats can be applied according to your attraction needs.

Scan to capture

Our cameras can capture over 600 people simultaneously and individually. 4K resolution filming, quality hardware and processing software ensure performance consistency and premium results.


Our system automatically compiles the highlights into a short film. Recorded footage is mixed with stock materials, such as a birthday or holiday special or a panoramic intro-shot. Commercial messages and/or personalized text can optionally be added.

Preview, deliver & share

Guests can preview the film at the end of their day. Delivery can be done through local WIFI (no internet needed) and/or through a download link sent by mail. Sharing to social media is made easy.

Customer journey - video system development
Example Customer Journey TAPEMYDAY

Social Media

TAPEMYDAY will ensure brand amplification through online exposure.


  1. Our system emphasizes digital delivery and provides an instant-share function to popular Social Media is available.
  2. We are able to provide a 15 second highlight videoclip that’s ideally suitable for Facebook and other Social Media.
  3. Metadata generated by images or videos that belong to your venue will increase your websites popularity as search engines will give you a higher ranking.
  • Social media exposure will increase your annual visitors, driving your revenue.
  • Digital storage and sharing has overtaken print and is still growing.
    Over 3,500,000,000,000 images placed on Facebook by 2016.
  • 20% of all purchased digital photos shared, average of 7 views per share.
  • Social media has become the key factor in influencing your day out.


Our digital delivery approach will ensure a strong online footprint. Another benefit of this approach is the option for hard copy up-sell, depending on the business model selected.

Preview screens in your venue van really motivate your visitors to purchase their movie and a stunning end product will generate a lot of word-of-mouth exposure.


The most important element, as always, is a well instructed and enthusiastic team to drive your sales. For this reason, we will train your staff in the workings and benefits of  TAPEMYDAY as a part of our implementation.


  • Training for all staff during implementation.
  • Maximize social media exposure by digital delivery approach.
  • Templating and branding services to be agreed upon.


Our promise is to deliver a turnkey installation, providing transparency and all the required aftercare support. TAPEMYDAY seeks to establish strong partnerships, where both parties benefit.
Our process is as follows:


  • Full & detailed site survey – guests flow and optimal capture points
  • Project Manager appointed
  • Time frame and road map delivered
  • In-house design by technical team
  • Team on site for install
  • Commercial and technical training for your staff
  • 24/7 remote support and frequent updates
  • World class guest experience delivered