TAPEMYDAY presents: SelfieME

In this day and age, everyone has a smartphone to capture their favourite moments and share them with friends and family. SelfieME goes far beyond the normal selfie limitations, delighting your visitors and increasing your revenue.
Imagine attending a sports match. The tension builds to unparalleled heights as your favourite team breaches their opponent’s defences in a crucial moment of the game. The striker shoots… AND SCORES!

Your visitors will want to savour such intense moments, and wouldn’t it be fantastic if their passionate cheers could be captured and easily shared at the same time? It would be a must-have for any fan.



  • Offer the ultimate souvenir; your visitor’s most important moments captured for them!
  • The camera zooms in on basis of the seat number, offering a personal snapshot from across the field.
  • Unique viewing angles that a smartphone cannot match.
  • The easy to use phone app will ensure an intuitive reviewing and purchasing experience.
  • Add a logo and use our Wall of Fame voting system to boost marketing for you or your sponsors.
  • SelfieME is combined with the provision of a spectator stand security surveillance system.

How it works

  1. At the entrance, SelfieME is promoted and a QR code for the app is shared.
  2. The visitor downloads the app and enters their seat number.
  3. The cameras find the visitor, then zooms in for a personal snapshot.
  4. SelfieME software knows when the best moments occur by monitoring sound levels.
  5. A snapshot is taken, processed and uploaded to the app.
  6. The visitor receives a push-notification that their photo is ready for download.
  7. Results can be viewed, purchased, shared and downloaded by the visitor.
  8. An in-app purchase system ensures easy and safe payment.
  9. A logo can be added to promote you or your sponsors.