Printing in Motion

There are many ways in which the TAPEMYDAY experience can be delivered to your visitors. Besides uploading to smart phones and downloading from the website, imagine presenting your guests with a premium greeting card, digital yet printed, showing their very own journey. Isn’t that cool?!

PIM® or “PRINTINGS IN MOTION” is the latest technology that combines both video and print. PIM® offers high quality video and sound allowing its users to show and play any type of presentation in a digital yet printed card. The joint power of TAPEMYDAY and PIM® offers a revolutionary solution for all types of amusement parks and attractions, allowing your visitors “to capture the moment” in video and sound, and then store it on customized Video Cards. Their memories will last forever.

Out with the old and in with the new: other amusement parks allow their visitors to take home a photo capturing their faces on a ride. You can take it to the next level, and instead offer your visitors the chance to take home an entire video of the experience!
Together, we offer you the full solution, allowing faster service, more clients, higher return and an unforgettable experience. Our solution is shockproof, waterproof, wireless, smart, reliable and most importantly customizable.