There are many wonderful places in the world, and we see them daily on our Instagram and Facebook feeds. Selfies are a geat way to capture memories, and share them with your friends and loved ones. They are oftentimes also dull and of poor quality, doing no justice to the impact of the experience. GigaSelfie aims to bring selfies to the next level.

GigaSelfie, allows users to take amazing pictures, including the beautiful landmarks or amazing vistas they came to admire. The better the photo, the more precious the memory, and the more others will be drawn to go check it out for themselves.

GigaSelfie, is a simple, fun and powerful way to enhance your visitor’s experience, ready to take the world by storm. It is being implemented on the Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam, to enhance selfies taken of the famous Night Watch statues there.

How it works

  1. Stand on marked tiles that indicate the ideal position and give further instructions.
  2. Go to the website using your smartphone.
  3. The website connects to an Ultra-HD camera positioned on an elevated spot nearby.
  4. Controlling the camera with your smartphone, take a picture.
  5. Easily purchase the photo and have it sent to your e-mail, or shared on social media. OR…
  6. Purchase a high-quality photo print delivered to your home address.
Zooming function of Giga Selfie.