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TapeMyDay is the fully automatic visitor video generating system for sports, rides and attractions.


It combines state of the art filming technology and innovative software to produce a personal video for each visitor or family. TapeMyDay generates additional revenues and publicity for your venue!

What is TapeMyDay?

TapeMyDay is a fully automatic visitor video generating system for sports, rides and attractions. It combines state of the art filming technology with innovative software. It can track and trace people even in a disorganized environment. This makes TapeMyDay unique.


TapeMyDay can be customized to be installed in any kind of amusement or sports facility and is able to automatically recognize and film specific visitors or participants during their stay or activity. The system is activated every time a person checks-in through the film zone. The films are downloaded from a dedicated website and can be used as (1) a memorable souvenir for visitors, (2) an analysis and training tool for athletes (3) a great revenue generator and promotional tool for your facility and (4) a tool for facility management, including safety, security and attractions analysis.


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Generate additional revenue

Considerable additional revenue potential through video ticket sales, advertising and sponsoring. Facility sponsor and advertising messages can be incorporated in the video. Facility or sponsor logos and advertising are constantly visible on the screen and embedded in the visitors memory.

Returning visitors

Visitors share their moments with other potential visitors. Repeating visits to facility website for downloading the HD videos.

Increased publicity

A unique and exciting mixture of off-ride and on-ride video clips featuring not just one ride, but possibly all attractions. Repeating visits to facility website for downloading the HD videos. Unlimited additional publicity potential by accommodating easy uploading to sites, such as YouTube, Facebook and Google Video. Generating visitor details for marketing purposes by requiring a small profile prior to downloading.

Technical details

TapeMyDay provides customized wireless on-ride and cabled off-ride solutions for a wide range of facilities, such as theme parks, water parks, snow domes, ski resorts, FEC’s, ice rinks, zoos and other kinds of sports and leisure facilities.


Solutions are based on the specific client requirements as well as on the type and number of attractions or activities. A track and trace system generally consists of 4+ megapixel and 30+ frames per second HD cameras, 2 Cat 6E cables and 1 server per location, local broadband internet connection, website and server. It can be combined with on-ride video technology and is compatible with several ticketing and photography systems.


Services include on-site installation (with local assistance), on-site training, a one year warranty and remote access for service and configuration back-up as part of an ongoing maintenance service contract. Flexible revenue share terms are based on a mutual cooperation agreement with optional finance and leasing opportunities.

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Prepared at the start

Visitor is offered an opt-in or opt-out film opportunity at the entrance and issued a registered ticket, card or wristband (by pre- or post-payment)

Automatic recongnition

Visitor is scanned at every attraction. System hardware provides automatic simultaneous recognition of a large number of people per camera.

Automated compilation film

Automatic editing and uploading of the most exciting moments collected during their stay (to a maximum of 30 minutes including your promotional message). Mix of video images range from close-up shots to 200-250 meters (650-820 feet) panoramic views.

Download & enjoy

Downloading of personal film from website can take place 24/7, between 24 hours and 2 months after the visit.

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