TAPEMYDAY makes more of the visitor’s stay.


TAPEMYDAY™ is a revolutionary means of tracking, tracing and compiling all of your guest’s highlights into one unique and irresistible film which can be easily downloaded and shared. It is a turnkey solution to provide your guests with an awesome souvenir, increasing guest satisfaction and driving revenues.


The technology we use has an outstanding track-record and is highly acclaimed for its reliability and precision. We pride ourselves in our focus for quality and ability to find creative, customized solutions for every venue.


TAPEMYDAY™ combines 4K resolution recorded footage and stock material into one complete product. Our technology and experts will create a compelling and memorable audiovisual template, leading to more sales and higher product value.

In the photo: Our head office in Haarlem, NL
Latest news
Director’s Cut
  • The ideal solution for Ziplines, Trampoline Parks, Soft-play centers, etc.
  • Cameras will be strategically positioned in order to capture the best moments.
  • Modular setup – Easy to implement, expand and operate.
  • The result will be an action-packed Director’s Cut production!
Full Experience
  • The ideal solution for theme parks, water parks and adventure parks.
  • Onride and offride tracking & tracing for the entire visitor’s stay.
  • The most exciting moments are recorded and edited into a storyline film.
  • The result will be an action movie starring your guest!
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